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Splash of Water

Request Form Taree/Forster

Once this form is completed a copy will be emailed to you and we will call to book a time for your inspection.

Agreement between Joshua Smith (the Certifier) and the Client. The Client – must be the current owner/s of the property or an authorised representative (e.g. Property Manager for a rental, Power of Attorney etc).

Are you the Owner of the Property?
Is this the address of the pool?
Do you live at this address?
What is the purpose of the inspecton?

Insurance and Accreditation
The Certifier is insured by One Solution Insurance Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd Level 5, 289 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000. Policy number AD453307216PIND. Insurance vaild until 02/09/2024.
The Certifier is accredited under the Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018 and is authorised to carryout inspections of swimming pools and to issue certificates of compliance under the SwimmingPools Act 1992. Registration number: 3353.

Description of Services
The Certifier will perform all work necessary to comply with relevant statutory requirements, including:
- inspecting the swimming pool
- assessing whether the swimming pool complies with the requirements for the issue of a
certificate of compliance under s.22D Swimming Pools Act 1992
- if the swimming pool complies, issuing a certificate of compliance to the Client (a certificate of compliance may not be issued until outstanding fees are paid)
- if the swimming pool does not comply, issuing a written notice under s.22E Swimming Pools Act 1992 indicating the items of non-compliance
- forwarding a copy of the notice to the council if required to do so by s.22E Swimming Pools Act 1992
- if necessary, re-inspecting the swimming pool
- updating the property record on the NSW Swimming Pool Register, as required.

Note: if a notice is issued for non-compliance, the Client will have six weeks to comply with the terms of the notice. If not complied with, the notice will then be forwarded to the local council. However, if the pool is deemed a risk to public safety, the notice will be forwarded immediately.

The fees must be paid to the Certifier before the work described under Description of Services. A Compliance Certificate may not be issued until all outstanding fees are paid. 

1.Swimming Pool Inspection and Reinspection $330 including gst (First inspection and reinspection, includes report and where swimming pool complies a certificate of compliance)*.

2. If a pool is found to be non-compliant, upon the second inspection, subsequent inspections will be charged at a rate of $110 including gst per visit. This is an avoidable fee if the client fixes all issues noted by the Certifier before the second inspection.

*Additional fees may be added at the discretion of the certifier based on distance and location of inspection outside of the regular service area. 

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Thank you for contacting Gatekeeper Pool Inspections. We will be in contact with you shortly.

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